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The result of creativity is the effectiveness, the well-being the aliveness and the optimal experience called Flow, making our lives more interesting and productive.

Our future is now closely tied to human creativity.

- M.Csikszentmihalyi


Creativity, Innovation and “Learning to Be”

By applying the new world-view that Einstein’s theory of relativity and the subsequently developed quantum physics presented – the Space/Time reality – we have achieved a gigantic scientific and technological development during the past century. In the field of human resources development, however, we still use this new science to a small extent and we mostly continue to live and work as if the traditional Space+Time reality is the only one existing.

Today, for the first time, modern Creativity research has been able to scientifically define the origin and nature of creativity and explain the basic Operating system for all human actions, thus making it possible for us to understand how to tap into the unlimited creative potential of the Space/Time reality.

A  broadening of all students’ awareness of the true Space/Time nature of our world will be an essential and necessary addition to all education programs and introducing this knowledge will help us to go beyond an instrumental view of education as a process of accumulating skills, capacities, competences, etc., to one that emphasizes the development of a complete person, in short, learning to be.

It is very important that this holistic view is introduced in the form of a basic Creativity course in all common public education and training programs from upper high school to university level.

This website briefly presents the result of this modern Creativity research, the text-book “CREATIVITY - A Science-Based Outlook on Life and Work” and a description of a basic course in Creativity.

We also recommend that you download the summarizing paper “Higher Education 2012” (English), or “Högre Utbildning 2014” (Swedish). and listen to Slide Show Presentation which comprehensively explains the ideas behind this new revolutionary approach.

We look forward to working with you and supporting you in introducing Creativity course programs in schools and colleges, at universities, and in all adult education and training programs.

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