Basic Course in Creativity

Objective: To introduce a science-based explanation of the origin and nature of creativity and derive a scientific definition of creativity. To explain the fundamental basics of all human actions and show how to deliberately generate creative actions. To explain the preconditions for successful entrepreneurial processes.

Goal:After completing the course the student will understand:

  1. 1.The difference between the true and perceived external and internal realities.

  2. 2.The properties and the functions of our internal realities.

  3. 3.The difference between normal changing actions and true creative actions

  4. 4.That the different actions are generated through a communication and that they are generated from two different domains.

  5. 5.The basic operating system for all human actions

  6. 6.The costs and benefits of human actions

  7. 7.The preconditions for generating creative actions

  8. 8.How to use the creative process in personal projects and in enterprises

  9. 9.The entrepreneurial process

Duration:16 hours distributed over a 5-week period.

                        6 one-hour lectures

                        10 one-hour lessons

Course material:

1. “CREATIVITY – A Science-based outlook on life and work” –

ISBN 978-1-4343-8182-8

2. Complementary material to enhance and enrich different concepts regarding     Communication, Dimensional Analogies, Space/Time and The Entrepreneurial Process

Classes:Lecture: 100 students

Classroom work: 20 students

Cost: 6 lectures and 5 x 10 lessons = 56 hours

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Lectures (one-hour):

1. Introduction and definition of actions and creativity

  1. 2.Our external world and reality – The Big Bang - Dimensions and dimensional   analogies – Different world-views

  2. 3.Our internal world and reality. The domains of Knowing and Being

  3. 4.Communication for action

  4. 5.The Basic Operating System – Cost and benefits of different actions

  5. 6.CreActivation – Examples of CreActivation – Personal Life  and Work

Lessons (one-hour):

  1. 1.Revision of the definitions of actions and creativity. (Chapters one and two in “CREATIVITY”). Discussions based on the topics listed in the course material.

  2. 2.Our External world and reality – Dimensional Analogies, different world-views – Discussions based on topics listed in the course material.

  3. 3.Our Internal world and reality – Knowing – The development of Knowing -Life formulas - Life games – Discussions based on topics listed in the course material.

  4. 4.Our Internal world and reality – Being – Analogical and digital reality – Intuition, Integrity and Intention – Modern research into human consciousness – Discussions based on topics listed in course material

  5. 5.Communication for Action – Communication for ReAction and CreAction – General Conditions for CreActions – Importance of a good support system – Discussions based on topics listed in course material

  6. 6.Basic Operating System of all human actions – Cost and benefits of CreActions and ReActions – Discussions based on topics listed in course material

  7. 7.CreActivation of Daily Life and Personal Projects – revision of the communication for CreAction – project stages – Different support groups – Discussions based on topics listed in course material

  8. 8.CreActivation of Work – Organizing for CreAction – CreActive leaders – Discussions based on topics listed in course material

  9. 9.*The Entrepreneurial Process – Communication for CreAction in the Entrepreneurial Process – Declarations, Promises and Requests

  10. 10.*The Entrepreneurial Process – Organizing for entrepreneurial success – The importance of a Support Function

* Lesson 9 and 10 are based on a case study.

Some people claim not to be interested in the logic of creativity and are impatient to get on with the practical techniques. This is a mistake, because you will not use the tools effectively unless you know what lies behind the design of the tool.

- Edward De Bono