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Creativity - A Science-based Outlook on Life and Work is the first universal textbook in Creativity.

It contains the following:

Part 1, Fundamental Creativity

  1. Gives a Science-based definition of Creativity

  2. Explains and defines, based on modern physical science, the qualities of our true external and internal realities and compares them to the realities perceived by our five senses.

  3. Defines two fundamental basic actions and establishes a distinction between the common changing actions - ReActions - and creative actions - CreActions,

  4. Explains the process “Communication for Action” and makes the distinctions between “Communication for ReAction” and “Communication for CreAction”.

  5. Presents the Basic Operating System for all Human Actions, expressed in a comprehensive graphic form.

  6. Presents a Cost/Benefit analysis of ReActions and CreActions.

Part 2, The CreActivation of Life and Work

Presents basic ideas and practical suggestions for the application of the Operating System - the CreActivation of:

  1. Daily Life and Personal Projects

  2. Work

  3. Society

  4. Education

  5. Spiritual Life

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