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Creativity - A Science-based Outlook on

Life and Work

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Creativity is the ability to bring something into existence that was not there before - from a possibility in the future. It is generated from our inner domain of Being.

- Creativity


The new textbook Creativity - A Science-based Outlook on Life and Work presents a universal definition of creativity and comprehensively explains its origin and nature. It is based on modern physical sciences, and it presents a new, fundamental and comprehensive approach to creativity, which transcends cultural, ethnical, ethical, moral, philosophical, and religious differences among people.

It provides the breakthrough, starting point and foundation for the development of a new Creativity Science, which with further research and enhancement will serve and support human resources development on a global basis.

This first universal textbook in the subject of Creativity is a basic tool for the introduction of Creativity as a subject and introductory course programs in all education and training institutions from High school to University levels.

Please feel free to to look through some of the parts of Creativity - A Science-based Outlook on Life and Work.